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​​A Strategic Sustainable Investment (SSI) is a strategy that recognizes and rewards companies that are moving society towards sustainability.  SSI's offer above average returns, secured by a first lien on real estate, while providing investment capital to actively pursue sustainability in "green" subdivision developments and home building. 

​​As founder of Select Investments LLC, I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to Enteligreen’s E3D Homes. Homes that are Energy-efficient, Economical, and Earth-friendly Designed (E3D).  High-performance homes that yield Net-Zero Energy (NZE), Near-Zero Water usage (NZW), with Nearly-Zero Maintenance costs (NZM) …and are crafted to be the most sustainable, energy-efficient homes available in America today!

Over the last decade I’ve spent considerable sums of money building prototype homes. Looking for ways to design and build sustainable, high-performance smaller homes that had no monthly or annual electrical utility bills. The advantages of homes with efficient uses of energy and space exceed basic economics. Such dwellings change the ways people live and are attractive to people who want to lead a less cluttered and complicated life. Smaller homes represent not just a reduction in dimensions but emphasize design over size. They also incorporate technological advances of space and energy-saving materials, equipment and appliances.

Since 2008, as Americans continue to downsize in the aftermath of the colossal real estate bust and severe recession, one corner of the housing market is thriving. To save money, or simplify their lives, a growing number of Americans are building much smaller, universal-designed homes. It's the one area of real estate that's gaining popularity across all age brackets as most everyone is purchasing a more Economical home.  “Less is more, less is better” is our minimalist and modern home design philosophy so we build better, not bigger!

Today, our country faces increased challenges on the environmental and financial fronts! In the USA, lenders have tightened home loan requirements, and unemployment lingers in the back of everyone's mind. The one solution that addresses both of these issues is a universally-designed, high-performance, sustainable smaller home.

Our on-line focus groups, and our research shows that today’s buyers are looking for sustainable homes in which to live a more responsible life - similar to the way our grandparents did prior to World War II. In that era, people built only what they needed, and never built more than was necessary. First-time home buyers, down-sizing baby-boomers, widows, widowers, and seniors are looking for a more sensible and safe home in which to spend their remaining years "aging in place".

So as you may imagine, success in the "green" land development and "green" home building business depends on having the right products, with the right price-point, at the right time, and in the right location.  A SSI real estate development meets all of these requirements ...and Enteligreen's E3D solar-grid homes are the first to meet this standard! 

​Thanking you in advance for your interest, I remain

Joe Doug Griffin
Managing General Partner

                                         Strategic Sustainable ​​Investment (SSI) opportunities in Net-Zero Energy E3D Homes