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  • Net-Zero Energy - ​​Th​is term describes any structure that produces more electrical energy each month and year than it consumes. Every E3D Home ​​built is ​Net-Zero Energy efficient! This is achieved by using the latest in cutting-edge residential and commercial designs and solar-​grid technologies.
  • Near-Zero Water usageHome water use varies considerably, depending upon the number of people in a household, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and ​other factors. The largest water users in the home are toilets, clothes washers, faucets, and showers. About 41% of indoor water use in a home goes toward flushing the toilet and 33% goes to bathing! E3D Homes have the most water-conserving appliances and fixtures that exist. A partial list includes WaterSense, EnergyStar, and Stealth Technology toilets.
  • ​​Nearly-Zero MaintenanceOver time, annual maintenance costs average 1% to 3% of a home’s initial price. Without regular upkeep, overall property values are ​affected …and most lending institutions agree. That means owners of a typical $125,000 home should plan to budget $1,250 to $3,750 per year for ongoing upkeep and replacements. With these costs in mind, E3D high-performance homes are designed and built ​to have Nearly-zero maintenance costs over its 100 + year lifetime. The homes have steel roofs, stucco exteriors, and no wood trim.

                                                   "E3D-READY" ...Economical Options For Enteligreen's E3D Home Buyers!
  This is an Enteligreen "E3D-Ready" Home with Screened-in Social and Entertainment Rooms.
  ​When solar panels aren’t economically feasible; we can build your E3D Home so that it’s “E3D-Ready”! This is one of the ways new home buyers can reduce
  ​the amount of their initial investment.  Furthermore, every E3D Home is built so solar panels, an awning, or metal roof can be added at a later date if desired.  ​     A few ​simple considerations were kept in mind to facilitate a cost effective transition for installing solar panels or roofs in the future.
   This is an Enteligreen E3D “Solar-Ready” Home with an optional Awning over the Social and the Entertainment Room!
    ​This upgrade adds an awning over the Social Room and Entertainment Rooms. A glass door separating the two rooms, one to three ceiling fans, one or two
    ​electric fireplaces, and a 42” HDTV are other options that are available.

   An Enteligreen "E3D-Ready" Home with an optional Metal Roof over the Social Room and Screened-in Entertaining room!
   ​E3D Homes are designed and built to allow for an easier installation of a solar panel system when the time is right for you.   By designing a clear solar roof            space, ​installing conduit from the attic to the electric panel and leaving room for a future solar system, flexibility and value is added to your new E3D Home.  All
   ​of the ​necessary electrical wiring is in place and ready to accommodate solar panels if, or when you install them at a later date!
   This is an Enteligreen "E3D-Ready" Home with an optional Metal Roof over the Social and the Entertainment Rooms!

   This upgrade adds a metal roof over the Social and Entertaining Rooms. A glass door leading from the Social Room into the Entertaining Room, and one to          three ​ceiling fans, one or two electric fire places, and a 42” TV are other options.