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Far Exceeding the Standards of Energy-efficient Homes.

​​You, and smart home buyers like you are demanding a fresh, comprehensive, and innovative approach to new home designs and efficiency's …homes whose living spaces are adapted specifically to today’s informal and cost-conscious lifestyles.  Spaces personalized with luxurious benefits …in a premium, high-performance smaller home that connects the indoors and the outdoors in a compact environmental footprint. 
This type of dwelling is called an E3D HOME. 

To design an E3D Home our ambitious teams had to first determine which were the most expensive areas in a home to construct, maintain, heat and cool?  What spaces in most homes were seldom used?  Could certain rooms and/or their sizes be reduced or eliminated.  Could changes be made without sacrificing high-performance, superior quality, health, safety and comfort, energy efficiency, security, and sustainability?  

In the USA, two, and sometimes three garages can be built for the cost of one average-sized master bathroom. ​ Our teams found that by using European and old-world designs, bathroom costs could be greatly reduced. The bath is by far one of the most expensive rooms to build, maintain, heat and cool.  Especially when you consider the master bath is only used a couple of hours a day …and guest bathrooms are seldom used.   

​And ...how much storage is necessary, and for storing what?  How important is a garage compared to a carport?

Roof designs that optimize sunlight on roof-mounted solar panels are critical too.   Roofing materials must be guaranteed to last longer than the solar panels.  Otherwise the solar panels have to be removed before replacing the roofing – then re-installed. This near-term problem is expensive and is an unnecessary future maintenance expense ...without proper planning.

​​All of these questions have to be addressed when designing and building a smaller, high-performing and sustainable home  
…that has no monthly, or annual electrical utility bill, and is affordable to 57% of new home buyers!

​Continue reading to find out more about every E3D Home's Net-0 Energy, Near-0 Water, and Nearly-0 Maintenance!​​