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The plans in our brochures and on  this web site,  referred to as the “E3D Homes Designs”, are proprietary. That means they’ve been developed by Select Investments LLC specifically, and for our exclusive use unless licensed by us to others in a written agreement. In other words, these plans are copyrighted, and are the exclusive property of Select Investments, LLC.

There is a sort of urban myth that building plans are more or less “public property”, and all someone has to do is take someone else’s plans, make a few minor revisions, and build someone else’s design with impunity. That may have once been true, but it’s no longer the case.

Multiple court cases have upheld the principal that original design is protected under copyright law, and even making “significant revisions” is not sufficient to violate the principal that architectural plans are the property of the original designer, and may not be used without just compensation. Courts have generally upheld, in these cases, that the builder who originated the plans is entitled to the gross profit that they would have received, had they built the home.

While we acknowledge that “imitation is the highest form of flattery”, please spare both of us a lot of headache (and you a lot of money). Don’t “borrow” our plans and take them to someone else to build. E3D Home plans are highly distinctive, and demonstrating that someone “used” our plans is not difficult.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter.


All plans displayed on this internet site and/or created by Select Investments LLC, are protected by copyright law. It is therefore, illegal to copy, reproduce or use without authorization from Select Investments LLC. This includes plans, drawings and illustrations taken from this website or from all other publications or websites. It is also illegal to copy or redesign any or all existing house plans without authorization.

It is a current misunderstanding to believe that it is permitted to copy, modify or resell a design or a plan found in various media. Each of these practices is unlawful and constitutes a violation of the copyright law. Every infraction is liable to legal proceedings. Reaching as much as $150,000

Consequently, it is essential to always purchase a set of plans or license, available at Select Investments LLC, in order to build or even use illustrations for promotional purposes. The purchase of a set of plans allows you to build only one house (unless you obtain a license for several constructions). It is also illegal to resell your own plan after having used it.

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