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You, and smart home buyers like you are demanding fresh, comprehensive, and innovative homes that are by design sustainable, self-sufficient and high-performing ...homes whose living spaces are adapted specifically to today's informal and cost-conscious lifestyles. 

"You want to help yourself, others,    and the Planet too?"
                             ​"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something,
                                              build a ​new ​model ​​that ​makes the existing model obsolete."  ​​
   ​                                                                               - Buckminster Fuller​, Architect and Futurist -
Sustainable, Luxury homes for Americans who want a much smaller monthly mortgage payment and more disposable income!  
​​Smaller spaces personalized with benefits. Homes in a luxurious setting that connects the indoors with the outdoors in a compact environmental footprint ...homes with no monthly, or annual electrical utility bills!  This type of dwelling is called a sustainable, Enteligreen E3D Home!
                       Enteligreen Homes ...Energy-efficient, Economical, and Earth-friendly Designed (E3D)