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                                                                                                        1992 to the Present

Joe Doug Griffin is the General Manager, and sole principal of Select Investments LLC an Austin, Texas-based company.   

Over the last two decades, Select Investments has spent considerable sums of money building prototype homes researching ways to construct sustainable, high-performance smaller homes that have no monthly electrical bills. The advantages of homes with efficient uses of energy and space exceed basic economics. Such dwellings change the ways people live and are attractive to people who want to lead a less cluttered and complicated life.

After the USA’s Energy Policy Act of 2005 was passed, one of the first energy-efficient prototype projects was started near Austin, Texas by Griffin and his friend of thirty-five years Jim Mattox, former Texas Attorney General. Griffin and Mattox worked closely together preparing for a green land development and sustainable home project.

In the spring of 2008, Griffin and Mattox were planning the first Net-Zero Energy residential development in the country.  A Net-Zero Energy (NZE) home is any structure that produces more electrical energy each month and year than it uses. Their development was planned for San Antonio, TX.   Unfortunately, Mattox had a heart attack and passed away. Both of them thought this project might be their “legacy development”, so after serious deliberations, Griffin decided to continue.

Griffin gathered research traveling around the USA looking at sustainable, energy-efficient, and scalable residential developments. Small and large green projects in the Sunbelt cities in the Southwest were studied.  All across the USA information was gathered from green developers, builders, and suppliers.

Next, on-line Focus-groups of men and women aged 25 to 65+ from around the USA were questioned to find out in detail what the majority of small home buyers wanted. Every room in a home was discussed and analyzed in detail. These prospective home buyers specified what they could, and couldn’t live without - what they wanted and didn’t want.

The architect selected by Griffin to work with him as co-designer was educated, lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. Their relationship began in 2011. Today, as a team they continue to work tirelessly to upgrade each E3D Home’s Energy-efficient, Economical, Earth-friendly Designed minimalist and modern footprint. They strive to make the most efficient use of every square inch of space - but without sacrificing quality, luxury, comfort, or convenience. They make every possible effort to reduce construction costs, increase energy efficiency, and sustainability in every E3D Home.

On-line research revealed that the majority of new home buyers are looking for smaller, sustainable dwellings in which to live a more responsible life. (A lifestyle similar to the way their grandparents lived prior to World War II. In that era, most of the population built only what was needed, and seldom built more than was necessary). Home buyers asked for a “New Model” home - one that’s universally-designed, high-performance, scalable, sustainable, and every inch of space has been wisely utilized.

​​These New Model, focus-group research-based, designs are referred to as E3D Homes!  
E3D Homes' building specifications and new-age sustainable building materials and techniques have been updated and now  E3D Floor Plans, Specifications, and Take-offs are available starting at $2,500 

​​As of this date, Joe Doug is volunteering his time to help those in the Texas coastal towns that Hurricane Harvey destroyed.  His next project, starting in January of 2018, is researching materials and designs for his proposed MicroHomes for the homeless, the military, third-world countries, and disaster areas ...leadership by example continues to be his style!

"You want to help yourself, others,    and the Planet too?"
                             ​  "You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something,
                                                ​ build a ​new ​model ​​that ​makes the existing model obsolete."  ​​
   ​                                                                                      - Buckminster Fuller​, Architect and Futurist -
Sustainable, Luxury homes for Americans who want a much smaller monthly mortgage payment and more disposable income!  
​​Smaller spaces personalized with benefits. Homes in a luxurious setting that connects the indoors with the outdoors in a compact environmental footprint ...homes with no monthly, or annual electrical utility bills!  This type of dwelling is called a sustainable, Enteligreen E3D Home!
                       Enteligreen Homes ...Energy-efficient, Economical, and Earth-friendly Designed (E3D)