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    If you have an interest in being an Enteligreen Approved Builder please click here to contact Joe Doug Griffin, Thank you. 
Enteligreen Approved E3D Home Builders

Each E3D “Demonstration” Model Home will be constructed by local, “green” General Contractors hand-picked to build in different areas in each city or town. Select Investments LLC will have a licensing agreement with each builder. The Builder-Partner will then have a protected area, proprietary E3D floor plans and specifications, select materials, material take-offs and cost estimates, Select Investments' on-site supervision and scheduling, area-wide publicity, marketing, a trained sales staff, and generous profit-splitting and incentives.

The Demonstration Model Home, built by the Enteligreen-licensed General Contractor and supervised by Select Investments LLC, will be filmed during its construction - groundbreaking through the Grand Opening. City, County and State leaders will receive copies of the finished film after a “lunch-and-learn”, show-and-tell E3D Home tour. The film will be used as training and educational tools for building officials, real estate brokers and agents, the construction trades, affinity groups, schools, and the general public.

When the Demonstration Model Home is completed, landscaped, and staged, it will open for tours for new home buying prospects six and one-half days a week. The Model will be used to pre-sell E3D Homes to individuals who own their lot, or are planning to buy one, and are built by an Enteligreen Licensed Builder while a 54 E3D Home E-SPA is being developed. The E3D Model will be staffed with sales professionals expertly trained and knowledgeable in Building and Energy Codes, and sustainable, solar and grid homes. The well-trained "green" salespeople will know the vast differences between an E3D and a “Code-built” home.

After using the Demonstration Model to pre-sell E3D Homes and the completion of the 54 lot E-SPA, the Model  will be donated - by the LP and Sponsors - absolutely free - to a deserving Wounded Warrior.  Imagine a disabled vet owning a home that has no mortgage and no electrical utility bill …ever!   This is the best way we know to show our appreciation for our warrior’s sacrifices.