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   Net-Zero energy is a term that describes any structure that produces more electrical energy each year than it consumes.  Every E3D Home built is Net-Zero Energy
   ​efficient!  This is achieved by using the latest in cutting-edge residential and commercial designs and technologies. Much more information is available on each of 
   ​the E3D Home benefits listed below.  

     • Solar-Grid Electrical Power. Solar panels are installed on an E3D Home’s roof and they produce up to 125% of the home’s ​annual electrical needs.  

     • Energy Recovery Ventilator. The high-performance way to reduce electrical demand and to optimize air quality ​while minimizing moisture ​​problems.

     • 18 SEER HVAC System. An E3D’s heating and cooling system uses no natural gas, propane, or oil as there is no combustion, flames or fumes. 

     • Natural Lighting and Ventilation. To help reduce an E3D Home’s electrical needs, strategically located and optimally-sized ​windows.

     • Composite Structural Insulated Sheathing (C-SIS).  A composite material bonded to foam creates a multi-tasking exterior ​​insulating sheathing.   

     • Closed-attic System (CaS). Instead of trapping the sun’s heat in the attic, the heat is stopped from entering an E3D Home at ​​the roof.

     • Energy Star Ceiling Fans. For maximum energy-saving benefits all E3D Homes have two or more super-efficient ceiling ​fans.

     • Energy Star Appliances. Appliances account for nearly 20 percent of the average household’s energy use.

     • Metal Cladding Rain screen. The basic purpose of E3D’s external cladding is strategically-placed weather protection.

     • Light Emitting Diodes. LED lighting offers excellent light quality for both indoor and outdoor uses. LED light emits 90% ​​less heat than regular light ​bulbs.


​​​Every E3D Home is designed and certified to far surpass all energy standards set by the EPA and Energy and Building Codes in America today.   E3D Homes exceed these standards while providing Net-Zero Energy use. Near-Zero Water usage. Nearly-Zero Maintenance...at affordable prices!