Green Room

Many Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Latin American homes are built with walls around the residence that creates a courtyard which provides protection ​from the wind, rain, and sun. These walls form entertaining, gardening, private, and safe spaces.  Most people prefer this layout if they...​

       ​• have short, moderate winters,
       ​​• long summers,
       • mild spring and fall seasons, and
       • just want to heat, or cool, a small structure.

 Social Room - an informal living room.
 Entertaining Room - an informal dining and gathering area.
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  An E3D Home visually connects the front entry with an optional awning, or metal roof expanse. This creative arrangement encourages homeowners to use these  
  ​four-season spaces more often …which in turn helps create a greater sense of privacy and freedom. This awning-covered (as shown here) S​ocial Room is a natural
  ​gathering ​place, and encourages an easy flow between indoor and outdoor space facilitating communications and shared activities.  This entry links key indoor
  ​spaces with the outdoors.  
 As an example, formal living rooms are rarely used today as people prefer to spend their time in the kitchen and informal areas. Seldom-used formal rooms can  
 ​be replaced by spaces that serve many purposes …but with less square footage and substantially lower heating and cooling costs. 

  Entertaining Room ...continued  ​​
 Just beyond the home's front door and Social Room is a space designed for ​many other types of entertaining. This four seasons environment is used hundreds of  
 ​times more each year than formal dining rooms.

 Open an E3D Home's rear door and step into a private area complete with a R​ainwater Harvesting (RWH) system, a storage shed, a ​greenhouse for growing herbs, 
 and space for your own raised-bed vegetable garden.
 Open Patio Room
 This open-air area is perfect for propane gas grilling when cooking for fun, or when needed.   Enjoy a fire pit, a water feature, or outside bar …or simply sunbathe in 
 ​the privacy of your home’s walled outdoor retreat.
  These Screened-in, Awning, or Steel roofing options, informal dining and seating area offers a casual bistro atmosphere complete with super energy-efficient ​ceiling 
  ​fans.​​ These designs allows the inside heating and cooled living areas to be smaller, and less costly to own.
  If your lifestyle includes children - maybe a play area and sand box instead of a garden ...and use your walled courtyard as a safe place for youngsters and pets     to ​play.  Dogs and cats have outside and inside access with the electronically-controlled pet door that's activated by your pet's collar.  
  Green Room ...continued
The "Diva 1200 - B" Two, or Three Bedroom Home
This two, or three bedroom home with a three-compartment European-styled bathroom is designed, engineered, then built to withstand 120+ MPH 
  ​winds ​and last for 100+ years. This residence is suggested for singles, roommates, single parents, first-time homebuyers, widows, widowers, seniors, and live-in 
  ​care​givers. These  Social, Entertaining, Open Patio, and Green Rooms demonstrate how living spaces can serve multiple purposes and many lifestyles greatly 
  ​reduced construction, maintenance, and living costs!