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An Enteligreen-Sustainable Place AgriHood (E-SPA™) is a Solar and Grid New Urbanism-styled Residential ​Community built around a Working Organic Vegetable, Herb, and Berry Farm ...Economical Housing paired with a Food Desert™!                                                                 ​
​​This example of an E3D Home E-SPA™ is on a ten acre infill lot. This model is a progressive, high-quality addition to any neighborhood. The design greatly improves its integration into any surrounding neighborhood context. It is kept to a scale that dovetails seamlessly into the fabric of most any community.

The driving force behind this New Urban-styled E3D development is for it to be a superior Enteligreen Sustainable Places Agrihood site. The latest technologies are used to build these Energy-efficient, Economical, and Earth-friendly Designed Homes that support the traditional values of environmental stewardship.

​​The uniqueness of this Enteligreen E3D Home E-SPA™ development is not only that all of the structures are Net-Zero Energy (NZE), but this entire solar community is sustainable, and nearly self-sufficient. Sustainability includes incorporating native shrubs, maximizing open spaces with parks, water-wise xeriscaping, a community organic vegetable, herb, and berry farm, a green-house, and a fruit and nut orchard.

This solar and grid development is clustered to achieve density without the scale that lessens its compatibility to the rest of a community. These single-family one, two, and three bedroom privately-owned homes create an aesthetic diversity while providing economical and sustainable lifestyles.

Each E3D’s construction exceeds the 2012 International Residential Codes (IRC) for solar, building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical provisions for single-family dwellings. Every E3D Home meets or exceeds the guidelines for the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Sufficient parking – two spaces per home – plus additional guest parking is provided as to not spill over into any surrounding neighborhood. Carports are optional for homeowners, as are carports with solar panels and car-charging for owners of electrical cars, or those wishing to purchase one.

From the south-facing orientation of the homes solar roofs - to the bioswales used to capture rain water runoff, no detail was spared to make this E-SPA as efficient as possible. Net-Zero Energy, Near-Zero Water, and Nearly-Zero Maintenance …and, there’s no monthly, or annual electrical utility bills on E3D Homes!

We believe our vision for E3D Homes will set a new bar for future residential projects all around the States of Texas and South Carolina and will assist every city and town’s growth in a smarter and more sustainable way. And remember …Enteligreen E3D Homes are affordable to 57% of new home buyers!

                                                                                         The E-SPA Community Center


OneExample of an E-SPA™ ​Designed for a Fifty-four E3D Home NZE Development on a Ten Acre Infill Lot.
The Community Center provides a central location for each home owner’s families and friends to enjoy high quality fitness, education, arts and culture, aquatics, recreation, entertainment, and social opportunities. Such facilities serve as year-round central gathering places for home owners of all ages and interests.

​The Roof-covered Stage is for residents to welcome guest speaker presentations, seminars, and workshops on community vegetable gardening, fruit and nut orchards, small footprint living, along with water and energy conservation techniques, yoga, and entertainment.

The Swimming Pool is used for water aerobic exercises and swimming lessons taught by licensed instructors - and water sports for the young and older residents as well.

​​The pool-side Solar Cabanas will furnish electrical power for the swimming pool’s lighting and pumps, O-LED street and sidewalk lighting, laptop charging stations, and the back-lit waterfall at the street entrance to the Community Center.

After sell-out of all fifty-two homes in the solar subdivision the One and the Two/Three Bedroom Model Homes will be purchased by the Agrihood’s Home Owner’s Association.

​​The One Bedroom Model Home will serve as the HOA’s Office, and as a Coffee and Tea Bar in the kitchen, dining, and social areas. In the rear, facing the pool will be a serving window and gas grilling area to be shared by homeowners and their guests.

The Two/Three Bedroom Model Home will become the E-SPA’s Bed & Breakfast-styled Guest Quarters for each homeowner’s visiting family and friends. All fifty-two owners will have the use of the Guest Quarters for One Week each and every year.

Rainwater Harvesting Systemson the solar carports feeds two cisterns that store water for pool-filling, landscape, vegetable and herb garden irrigation.

Solar Carports on both sides of the Center will provide car-charging stations for residents who own, or who wish to purchase electric cars.

Lighted walking and jogging paths, E-SPA™ parks with circular fire pits, and tree-shaded picnic areas with tables and seating complete this distinctive and exceptional residential development.

This first-of-its-kind solar, sustainable E-SPA development will have an incredible impact!  First time home-buyers, single parents, and down-sizing seniors can afford to own an E3D Home - and these are the people who need it the most!

What economic benefits can a City expect from this sustainable development?  Benefits include increased property values and tax revenues; affordability; economic stimulus and partnership opportunities for local businesses to offer services at the Community Center …and long-term community sustainability!
                                                            ENTELIGREEN - SUSTAINABLE PLACE AGRIHOOD (E-SPA™)