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​​​Our Focus-group research 
surveyed men and women aged 25 to 65+ from all across the USA to find out what the majority of prospective small home buyers wanted. Every room in a home was discussed and analyzed in detail. You told us what you could, and couldn’t live without. Our on-line research revealed that you are looking for sustainable dwellings in which to live a more responsible life. A lifestyle similar to the way your grandparents lived prior to World War II. In that era, most of the population built only what they needed, and never built more than was necessary.

Our expansive research also revealed that you are demanding fresh, innovative, and comprehensive new approaches to home designs – smaller, super-energy efficient homes in particular. Home designs whose living spaces are adapted specifically to today’s informal and cost-conscious lifestyles. Spaces with little to no maintenance and personalized with the benefits of a high-performance home that connects the indoors and the outdoors in a compact environmental footprint.

This “New Model” you’ve asked for has been universally-designed, is high-performance, sustainable, and every inch of space is utilized. These “New-Model” designs are focus-group research based …and are referred to as E3D Homes!

● You asked for an “Energy-efficient” home!
One of the more important considerations in a Net-zero energy E3D Home is the direction the roof is positioned in relation to the sun. A southern exposure is critical for the maximum amount of sunlight to reach the roof-mounted solar panels. Placing all of the solar panels on the southern side of a “gable” roof design requires a larger roof area and subsequently a larger home. There are other solar panel alternatives and choices available …but all are more expensive!

A “shed” roof design however allows all the solar panels to be placed on the same side which can result in a smaller roof overall which allows for construction of a smaller home. Solar installations on shed roofs are also less expensive.

E3D Homes are designed, engineered, built and then certified to surpass all energy standards set by the EPA and Energy and Building Codes in America today! All kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, HVAC systems, ceiling fans, and electric fireplaces installed in Enteligreen’s E3D Homes are the most energy-efficient models available in America today!

● You asked for an “Economical” home!
Our ambitious team had to first determine which areas in a home were the most expensive to construct, heat and cool, maintain, and pay property taxes on. What spaces in homes were seldom used? Could certain rooms and their sizes be reduced, or eliminated? Could these design changes be made without sacrificing quality, comfort, health, safety, privacy, security, energy-efficiency, and sustainability? If so, who would buy them? …our focus-group participants told us!

As an example, in the USA, two garages can be built for the cost of one, average-sized master bath! The bathroom is usually the most expensive square footage in a home. Especially so when you consider the master is only used a few hours a day …and guest bathrooms are used only a few times a year! And too, the majority of bathrooms in USA homes are designed to accommodate only one or maybe two people at a time. So in the United States, if we want more privacy, unlike people in most parts of the world; we just build another expensive, seldom-used bathroom!

However, by redesigning the master bath to function more efficiently and include what you asked for and couldn’t live without; we’ve substantially reduced the cost of your home. Our redesigns eliminated the need for an expensive and unnecessary bathroom! By using proven European and old-world designs an E3D Home’s three-compartment master bathroom allows up to four family members to use the master bath …all at the same time with privacy!

● You asked for an “Earth-friendly” home!
Earth-friendly means not being harmful to the environment. E3D Home’s building materials help reduce, or prevent air, water and land pollution. Using earth-friendly products in E3D Homes keeps both environmental and human safety in mind. Other earth-friendly E3D qualities include use of sustainably manufactured products, produced in ways that do not deplete the ecosystem. E3D Home’s job-site material waste is also reduced significantly by using earth-friendly products.

The land development and home construction professionals that use green land developing techniques and materials and home building products help conserve resources like water and energy. To deliver the best possible home in the USA today we build with the most optimal combinations of commercial and residential building materials and techniques. In home building terms an Earth-friendly, stainable home is strong, well-built, and high-performing because it’s able to stand-up to the environment indefinitely. Living Earth-friendly simply means being responsive to nature and people.

Less is more, less is better” is your minimalist and modern home design results! We build your home better, not bigger! That’s why E3D’s aren’t just another “Code-Built” home. A Net-zero energy E3D Home is engineered to last 100+ years, to withstand 120+ MPH winds, exceed the 2015 IECC energy codes …and has no monthly, or annual electrical utility bill. 

                                                    ​  “You Never Change Things by Fighting the Existing Reality. To Change Something,
​                                                                           Build a New Model that Makes the ​Existing Model Obsolete”  

- Buckminster Fuller, Architect and Futurist -